Guide for Installing Wall Mounted Electric Fireplaces
The following are some of the tools you will need before mounting your fireplace. A pencil or measuring tape to properly mark and measure the wall-mounted fireplace. Studs will be used to secure the brackets. Carpenter level used to ensure that studs are correctly placed, and that current is flowing to the fireplace. An electric drill for drilling holes and screwing in. 

Step 1: Select a Location for the Wall Mounted Fireplace

The first step in installing a wall-mounted fireplace is deciding where you want to put it. If the fireplace is electric, the location should be close to an electrical outlet. Because moisture can affect the quality of the heat, the location should be dry. It should also not be placed near a window because the air breeze will reduce its efficiency. Wall-mounted fireplaces come in a variety of styles. In some fireplaces, heat can come from the top, bottom, or front. As a result, these areas should be cleared, and no heat should be applied to them. If the wall-mounted fireplace is top-heated, no electric device, such as a TV, should be present. However, if the fireplace is directly in front of the heat, it can be placed beneath the television. Top heat and front heat wall-mounted fireplaces, likewise, can be installed anywhere. The bottom heat fireplace should be suspended 1.5 feet above the ground. However, each fireplace comes with its own set of instructions from the manufacturer. As a result, it is critical to read the instructions before installing it. Follow the manufacturer's specifications and safety precautions and learn about the warranty period.

Step 2: Secure the Mounting Bracket to the Wall
When you've decided on a location for your fireplace, attach brackets to the wall. Because the brackets are in charge of the installation, they must be correctly connected. Now mount the frame to the wall. Mark the location for the bracket installation with a pencil. The brackets should be placed halfway up the wall-mounted fireplace.  Now we can put in the studs. The studs should be straight or horizontal, with enough space between them. A spirit level guide can help you install studs at the correct length. Install studs into the wall and secure them with a screwdriver. Now you can attack the brackets to the studs. The brackets should be straight and flat.

Step 3: Secure the Fireplace to the Bracket.

After you've installed the brackets, it's time to mount the fireplace. The wall-mounted fireplace has hooks and slots on the back. Pins can be connected to brackets with clips, or slots can be attached to brackets with clips. If it is properly positioned, you will hear a clicking sound. Before you leave, double-check that the fireplace is properly hung and in a secure location. Then you may depart. Glass covers are available for some fireplaces. It can be attached to the front of the fireplace. Before hanging the fireplace, keep the safety precautions in mind. Some safety precautions include keeping any material such as clothing, furniture, and other items away from the area. Some safety precautions include keeping clothing, furniture, and other flammable items away from the fire. Keep away from anything that could catch fire or cause an electric shock. Before purchasing a wall-mounted fireplace, make sure it is UL approved for safety. There should be no moisture on the fireplace's wall. Continue to follow the instructions.

Step 4: Plug in the power cord.

A power cord is required to connect the electric wall-mounted fireplace. Some cables have three faces, so a three-faced plug is required to connect them. However, if the pin is not three-sided, an adapter can be used. Keep in mind that the adopter should be safely grounded. After successfully connecting the plug, you must cover the cable. It is for your children's safety, and it also makes the fireplace look more natural. 

This is a simple guide that will assist with installing wall mounted electric fireplaces. You should always read the instructions/manual that comes with the fireplace so make sure you read that before you start installing as this guide may not be enough for all fireplace models. We hope you enjoyed reading this and now have the confidence to do this yourself!

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