Which Ventless Fireplace Is Best For You?
Before you start looking for a ventless fireplace, keep in mind that they are not intended to be the primary source of heat in your home. They work best in larger spaces and should only be used for four hours or less continuously. Don't think about leaving these things on all night while cuddling your furry children in bed.

There are three types of ventless fireplaces. The term vent free, or ventless fireplace, refers to fireplaces that do not require venting to be installed. This modern marvel occurs because, unlike a traditional wood burning or gas fireplace, they do not produce combustion by-products. In most cases, vent-free fireplaces emit little to no emissions at all. If having a fireplace without having to install a venting system sounds like a pipe dream, then a ventless fireplace may be ideal for you. Continue reading to learn about the three types of vent-free fireplaces available.

Ventless Gas Fireplaces
Ventless gas fireplaces are extremely efficient sources of heat for your home. Because they lack traditional venting that allows heat to escape through a chimney flue, they have a higher BTU rating that allows them to be used in bathrooms, bedrooms, or small living spaces. Just keep in mind that the appliance should not be left on for more than four hours at a time. In addition to being an excellent source of heat, they are also available in a variety of styles. They can be wall-mounted, linear, traditional, or double-sided in shape. The only disadvantage of ventless gas fireplaces is that they produce more combustion byproducts than ventless counterparts (the electric and ethanol models).

Ventless Electric Fireplaces

Ventless electric fireplaces are in a class by themselves. Because of the unit's flexibility, many people laud the modern adaptation to a traditional fireplace. Ventless electric fireplaces are available in linear or traditional designs. The ability to adjust the flame height, color, and deactivate the heating component make these units a joy to use. When you purchase a vent free electric fireplace, you will no longer have to stare at the same style of flame night after night.

Ventless Ethanol Fireplaces 
The most significant advantage of a ventless ethanol fireplace is the fuel it uses. Ethanol is a very clean-burning fuel made from renewable resources such as corn, beets, or potatoes that excites environmentally conscious people all over the country.

The second advantage is that a ventless ethanol fireplace can be installed almost anywhere. Because of their low heat output, these models are ideal for people living in warmer climates who want to enjoy the beauty of flames without being overwhelmed by heat. 

If you need another source of heat in your home but don't want to replace your entire HVAC system, a ventless fireplace could be a great option for you. They produce very little byproduct of combustion. Ventless fireplaces are also much easier to install. So, keep these considerations in mind when deciding on a heating appliance for your home.

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